UVC Technology Benefits

Posted on: June 30th, 2013 by Bruce Fontaine No Comments

UVC Technology has three benefits:

  • Energy Savings by cleaning the cooling coil and bringing the AHU back to its OEM Specifications by removing the BioFilm scale on the fins of the coil we are able to absorb the heat from the air by removing the restriction that the BioFilm causes, thus the air moves thru the coil slower which will allow it to absorb the heat faster which reduces the run time on the unit.
  • Reducing maintenance cost by putting UV on the discharge side of the coil you will never have to clean the coil again and no need for cleaning the condensate pan ever again or drain pan tabs.
  • Improvement in indoor air quality or IAQ; this will reduce absenteeism of the occupants and make them more productive, as well as to eliminate Sick Building Syndrome.
  • UVC Technology requires the proper application and SMS will determine the condition of the coil and what type of fungi & bacteria that we are trying to kill so that we put in the correct dosage of UVC.

UVC Implementation Steps:

  • Survey the equipment and measure the size of the cooling coil height & width.
  • Swab the coil and send it to a third Party Lab EMSL to determine the amount of CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) of bacteria & mold.
  • SMS then runs a software selection to determine the correct application and the number of high output UVC 360 Degree Lamps.
  • Run the ROI calculator which usually has a payback of less than a year but we have seen paybacks in less than three months.

SMS has done numerous Retrofits for Stiles PM, New Boston Fund, CBRE, Grubb & Ellis, JCI/York in the Middle East & Turkey, Volva, Walgreens both Stores and Distribution Centers, etc. Give SMS a call so that we can show you the power of UV and save you Energy, Maintenance, while improving your IAQ!