July 30, 2012
“As the Senior Property Manager for a 413,000 square foot, 35+ year old building, we continually research and look for ways to be more energy efficient and streamline our HVAC usage and equipment. We were approached by Bruce Fontaine, Vice President of Business Development/Operations, for Sustainable Management Solutions (SMS) about installing UV lighting in our air handler rooms.”
“Having had no prior knowledge or background on UV lighting, Bruce and his team diligently met with us and explained the process step by step. We visited buildings and spoke to Property Managers who had already installed UV lighting with SMS.”
“Understandably, due to the size of the building and the number of AHU’s (25), this was a significant capital investment. Along with SMS’ detailed scope of work and payback analysis, we hired an independent consultant to perform before and after tests. We achieved significant positive results within days of installation and our overall electricity costs have decreased continually since the project was completed.”
“The SMS team who did the installation was professional, eager to answer all questions and completed the job within the time frame provided. I would definitely recommend SMS and the installation of UV lighting.”
Bunnie Willis, New Boston AtlanTech

October 3, 2011
“Devin and his entire staff are the kind of contractors that you want to surround yourself with. I had a challange that the previous manager told me was unsurmountalble or, at a minimum, too expensive to tackle. I contacted Devin, explained what I wanted to achieve and he made it happen. He’s a “can do” person and I like his style!”
Cheri Vogel, Coventry Health Care

October 3, 2011
“The team at SMS/APT has always been willing to assist me with high quality service for all my lighting and electrical needs. They are also quick to point out a low-cost alternative to a problem and to also be a vaulable resource when questions arise.

I would recommend SMS/APT to anyone needing the services they offer.”
William G. Carroll, Liberty Property Trust

September 19, 2011
“Devin and the SMS/APT Team treat their customers with respect. They solve the issue the first time. If I am unhappy with the repair or cost, they research it and get back to me with a solid finding.

Devin understands my business and researches new products that may help reduce costs. SMS/APT has been a great partner.”
Bob Schreiber, Starbucks Coffee Company

September 15, 2011
“SMS/APT was brought on to be one of our key service suppliers for the Holiday Inn Relaunch project at IHG. Devin and his team brought superior knowledge of the lighting industry, as well as sustainable practices, to the table and helped to make the project a huge success. SMS/APT understand the Hospitality industry, and the need to be flexible, dynamic, and service oriented. The strong project management team at SMS was very instrumental in the project and made my job easier as a result.”
Sharon Patton, Simmons Bedding Company

August 29, 2011
“Devin was the President of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) of Ft. Lauderdale & The Palm Beaches in 2005-2006. His leadership was stellar. He also contributed as a volunteer chair for numerous committees for over 12 years.

He is a valuable member of BOMA and a great mentor.”
Melanie Schrul, BOMA Ft. Lauderdale & The Palm Beaches

August 29, 2011
“SMS/APT has been my service provider for lighting and electrical work for the past sixteen years. When it comes to lighting retrofits, nobody comes close to putting in the upfront work that Devin and his team do. They will literally walk every square inch of the building to find items that can be retrofitted to turn your building green and to save you money. They prepare very detailed payback analysis to present for approval so you can make sound business decisions. When they actually perform the work, their crew is very professional, clean, and appropriate for any Class A building.

I also use them for my exterior lighting by using their night watch service. They travel to my facilities at night once a month and prepare a written report showing any exterior lights that are out. This paper trail is great for liability purposes and by pre-negotiating not to exceed dollar limits, the lights are automatically repaired.

SMS/APT recently installed UV lighting in my air handler at Tower 101. The bacteria counts have all but disappeared since they were installed earlier this year.

SMS/APT has also performed other services such as signage installation for me and they always come through. I highly recommend SMS/APT.”
Cary Fronstin, Grubb and Ellis Management Services

August 27, 2011
“Devin is one of the most savvy, professional, smart and fun people I have ever met!

He is an extremely successful and entrepreneurial business owner but still is on a constant improvement and learning quest. He is always ready to listen , advise and be an inspiration to his peers, employees and friends.

I’m proud to be his colleague and friend!”
Tami Muller, Decon Environmental

September 9, 2009
“Devin runs a great service oriented business.”
Kenneth Handel, Strayer University