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Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification and Cooling Systems

Liquid Desiccant Systems use a non-toxic brine solution that soaks a Honeycomb Media to remove the Humidity and Enthalpy from the Air, thus conditioning the air that is to be distributed to the space.

Here is how the System Works: Outside Air and Process Air

Outside Air 1. Outside air enters system 2. Air is heated by heat exchanger 3. Liquid Desiccant heated by heat exchanger 4. Heated liquid desiccant flows on and soaks the honeycomb media 5. Air passes through the soaked media 6. Liquid Desiccant releases transferred moisture 7. Hot & Humid air is released to the outdoors … Read More »

Dehumidification Principles


Dehumidification The principles of Dehumidifying of air may be accomplished by three methods: Cooling – condensation of vapor, Adsorption of water and adsorption of water vapor.

1) In the cooling of air the humidity is reduced by cooling the air (via an evaporator coil or cooling coil) below dew point. The grains of moisture of the air is condensed on the coil and drained out by the condensate pan and condensate line. The efficiency of the coil or elimination of microbial growth on the heat transfer area (fins of the cooling coil or evaporator coil) will allow the air … Read More »

Sick Buildings

sick home

Sick Building Syndrome is a real problem in buildings today globally. Building Owners & Property Managers are challenged with trying to keep their indoor environments free of microbial contamination mostly caused by the buildings air conditioning systems. Also, if the tenant space in a Class A Building environment has mildew odors; that is usually a sign of fungal contamination from the A/C System and makes the space much harder to rent. Employee absenteeism is a big problem as well as companies are trying to keep their employees healthy and … Read More »

Learn How BiPolar Ionization Improves Air Quality

Sustainable Management Solutions (SMS) BiPolar Ionization Products are used to remove indoor air pollutants from the occupied areas that the HVAC System is conditioning.

SMS’s BiPolar Ionization reproduces mountain elevation ion levels indoors. This is done by increasing the quantity of charged oxygen ions to “Fresh Air” levels, oxygen molecules can once again become active and therefore improve indoor air quality. BiPolar Ionization works by releasing positive and negative ions that are generated by the ionizer and then sent through the Air Conditioning ductwork. The ions neutralize the particles in the air by attaching itself to the molecule and making … Read More »

UVC Technology Benefits

UVC Technology has three benefits:

Energy Savings by cleaning the cooling coil and bringing the AHU back to its OEM Specifications by removing the BioFilm scale on the fins of the coil we are able to absorb the heat from the air by removing the restriction that the BioFilm causes, thus the air moves thru the coil slower which will allow it to absorb the heat faster which reduces the run time on the unit. Reducing maintenance cost by putting UV on the discharge side of the coil you will never have to clean the coil again and no need … Read More »