Sick Buildings

Posted on: August 15th, 2013 by Bruce Fontaine No Comments

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Sick Building Syndrome is a real problem in buildings today globally.  Building Owners & Property Managers are challenged with trying to keep their indoor environments free of microbial contamination mostly caused by the buildings air conditioning systems.  Also, if the tenant space in a Class A Building environment has mildew odors; that is usually a sign of fungal contamination from the A/C System and makes the space much harder to rent.  Employee absenteeism is a big problem as well as companies are trying to keep their employees healthy and free from viruses, bacteria & mold.  The microbial spores are distributed through the air stream of the Building Air Handling Units(AHU’s).  The use of UVG (Ultra Violet Germicidal) lights are now being used in eliminating microbial contamination in office buildings to kill airborne pathogens to reduce employee absenteeism rates as well as to increase occupancy rates for building owners and property managers. The other benefits from UVG Lights are in energy and maintenance savings that will be discussed in other articles.

Sick Building Syndrome has risen since buildings now have sealed exterior shells.   Many people have reported related health problems to this work environment; their resolution could result in health benefits for as many as 15 million workers, and economic cost of $5-75 billion per year, in the USA alone! Many studies have been done and have shown outbreaks of rhinitis, upper respiratory infections, asthma as well as re-circulated viruses that were brought into the workplace by other building occupants. By putting UVG Lights on the discharge side of the cooling coil so that it can irradiate the coil and drain pan where bacteria and mold typically grows, as well as “On The Fly” of killing the spores of viruses, bacteria and mold that are in the air stream itself. IAQ or Indoor Air Quality is very important in office environments today and using UVG Light Technology could reduce Sick Days by as much as 20%, elimination of up to 100% of airborne infectious diseases, as well as to prepare for pandemic risks. Contact SMS about making your Sick Building Syndrome go away by using UVG Light Technology!