Indoor Air Quality


SMS’s Dual Polarization reproduces mountain elevation ion levels indoors. This is done by increasing the quantity of charged oxygen ions to “fresh air” levels, oxygen molecules can once again become active and therefore improve air quality. Bi-Polar Ionization works by releasing positive and negative ions that are generated by the ionizer and then sent through the air conditioning ductwork. The ions neutralize particles such as smoke, dust and pollen causing them to fall to the floor while reducing odors, bacteria and mold. With fewer airborne pollutants, the air you breathe is significantly cleaner and healthier.


  • Average ROI <1-3 yrs
  • Increases SEER rating on air conditioning equipment, which lowers operating costs
  • Reduction of indoor air pollutants which reduce HVAC system capacity
  • Reduces State Healthcare Costs because of Reduced Contraction Rates
  • Increase Attendance Rates at Companies, Schools, and Healthcare Facilities


  • Mounts in PTAC and Air Handling Units
  • Produces Positive and Negative Ions
  • Ions Neutralize Airborne Pollutants
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Resulting in a Cleaner & Healthier Air Environment
  • Reduces Mold/Bacteria via Cell Oxidation


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