Learn How BiPolar Ionization Improves Air Quality

Posted on: August 14th, 2013 by Bruce Fontaine No Comments

Sustainable Management Solutions (SMS) BiPolar Ionization Products are used to remove indoor air pollutants from the occupied areas that the HVAC System is conditioning.

SMS’s BiPolar Ionization reproduces mountain elevation ion levels indoors. This is done by increasing the quantity of charged oxygen ions to “Fresh Air” levels, oxygen molecules can once again become active and therefore improve indoor air quality. BiPolar Ionization works by releasing positive and negative ions that are generated by the ionizer and then sent through the Air Conditioning ductwork. The ions neutralize the particles in the air by attaching itself to the molecule and making it heavier and bringing it out of the breathing zone. The ions reduce particulates such as smoke, dust and pollen causing them to fall to the floor while reducing odors, bacteria and mold by oxidation. With fewer airborne pollutants, the air you breathe is significantly cleaner and healthier.

The Benefits of BiPolar Ionization on the energy side or sustainability side is that when you reduce the indoor air pollutant load then the amount of fresh air intake that the system was required to condition is now less, therefore your cooling capacity load is now less which results in less energy consumption. The other benefit is during “New Construction”, with less of an indoor pollutant load, the HVAC System Foot Print is smaller, thus costing less. For Commercial or Residential Applications the BiPolar Ionization System is designed based on the “Indoor Air Pollutant Load” and the CFM of Airflow, once this is done, SMS will design a system and tell you how many ionizers are required for your application.

Let SMS evaluate your Building Indoor Pollutant Load today and recommend the right BiPolar Ionization System for your specific Application!